Sunday, January 25, 2009

Libraries in NC Full, But Downturn Stymies Resources

There's a recent article in the Raleigh News and Observer detailing what I perceive to be a nationwide occurrence. That occurrence is the new-found/renewed patronage of public libraries amidst near double digit unemployment and worsening economic conditions. Unfortunately, as the N&O article describes, libraries are handling this massive uptick in patrons at the same time funding is being cut and hiring frozen. Sure am glad the bailouts are working, I mean pessimism of the intellect with optimism of the will. Click here to read the N&O piece.


Zen Barbarian said...

I suppose this is the paradox of the public sector. Neoliberal/paleoconservative types whine about the use of public funds to go to services that supposedly "no one ever uses" and could be handled by private enterprise.

And then, when something becomes vitally important (like a police force expansion or infrastructure maintenance or libraries during a recession), the same people still don't want to pay up, claiming the funds could be used "elsewhere".


These types just don't want a public sector, period. If they had their way, the United States would resemble Dodge City, Kansas circa 1880: wild and woolly, anything for a buck.

And a very low quality of life for anyone who doesn't own a constantly growing business.

El Jefe said...

I have always enjoyed the library: the atmosphere that it has and the way in which one can undertake and finish tasks while there. It's too bad that the economic troubles are hurting libraries, especially considering how the government allocates funds to them at least at the state level.