Sunday, June 21, 2015

Humility, beauty and gratitude on Father's Day

Father’s Day…I’m glad it’s here.  I love my family and especially my son.  He’s gives me the greatest gifts, with none of them being material.  Well, of course, he does give me great material gifts but the ones I cherish most are the soul soothing heart expanding ones…the gifts of love, experience, and reminders of what it means to see and experience things anew.  Watching and being with him enables me to thrill with delight all of life’s gifts, which include the exhilarating ones as well as the scary, intimidating ones.  If I really allow myself to drop into my heartspace--which is hard for people to do, especially men—my son teaches me a lot about humility.  It’s a gift my dad never gave me and one that I did not (or was not encouraged to) experience as child.

Thomas Merton wrote that "pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real".  I like this, a lot.  Pride, namely false pride, is something that can’t inhabit  the same space as humility.  Arrogance and ego can’t be in that space either.  My son, makes things anew and helps me be different, better, and revolutionary in my humility.  I am eternally grateful for that gift.  Thanks D.