Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Tip of the (Melting) Iceberg: Another Anecdote of the Failures of Information Literacy

On the heels of the Derrick Jensen post, I wonder how many individuals can immediately identify where their drinking water comes from. That is, where is your watershed? How would you find this out? Google it? Try a search and see how "easy" that is. Can you get this information from your library or librarian? I'd argue that this is critical (information) literacy that we are missing. What research or practical questions are raised here? What, if any, academic disciplines offer a useful lens to examine this lack of information and broader environmental problems?

After you've tried this little exercise you may want to check out any number of resources, and even post what you find here. I've got a couple below.

The Global Water Policy Project and "Water: Adapting to a New Normal"

Adopt a Watershed web site

Friday, January 14, 2011

Derrick Jensen Bringing It, Per Usual

Wow...Derrick Jensen continues to inspire and to call people on their proverbial shit. If you care about sustainability and consider life to be a good thing worth continuing, you should watch or listen.