Tuesday, January 13, 2009

De-friending for Whoppers

There's a new Facebook app that will reward folks for de-friending individuals from their friend list. The reward, you ask...a Burger King Whopper. You can read the CNET story here.

Even though I haven't patronized the BK Lounge in years, this could prompt me to solve a couple of problems. Over the past few weeks it seems that my entire graduating class from high school has operationalized Facebook as a mechanism to "reconnect" with long lost "friends". Somehow I have gotten roped into this parade of broken dreams...oops, I mean virtual class reunion that won't end. It is really trashing my Facebook experience. At night, in the tiny hours, I often wake wondering why those in the humanities are paid so poorly and now I am also wondering how I am going to get out of this predicament with all my new old high school pals that I some how lost track of.

Whoppers may be the answer...there seem to be several in my future.

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fred said...

I was wondering why I couldn't get to your profile, Hill. You traded me in for having it your way!