Saturday, January 17, 2009

Facebook Says No Whopper for You

My de-friending, Whopper-eating heyday has abruptly come to an end (and sadly too many old high school friends retain access to my profile). In a Big Brother type maneuver to protect us from ourselves, the hegemon at Facebook 86ed the Whopper Sacrifice App citing privacy issues. An article on tells all. Arrington and the TechCrunch crew also comment.

My two second take is that Facebook, already fatally flawed, continues to believe that that through its product/interface it can manipulate behavior on a complete structural level. Even if this were true, users (i.e., individuals and groups) will continue in a very deCerteau-ian way to author their own spaces vis-a-vis tactics to FB's strategy.

Facebook---trite, boring, and Whopperless--lumbers along (postmodern dinosaur it is) right behind its benefactor in Redmond. Triglycerides in decline, I curse thee.

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