Sunday, May 17, 2009

Time Magazine's 10 Biggest Tech Failures of the Last Decade

Interesting "failure to launch" list and story. I'd like to see what these "failures" made possible or probable, by laying the groundwork or context for new innovations and expectations. Or, paths never to be trodden again (i.e., Vista).

Failure to Launch List

Microsoft Vista
Sirius XM
Microsoft Zune

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Matthew Tucker said...

Interesting list.

Saw the same article the day it came out and was wondering who got to be the judge of "failure". Funny that I've used 5 of the products on this list within the last 7 days (no, the Segway was not one of them).

High-profile items that are fun to bash/trash and not very profitable in many respects but "failure" may be too strong of a term. What about the MILLIONS of failed ideas that are being distilled everyday into the next ipod?

I agree with your assessment that they they are liken to bricks (albeit weaker ones) of the tech society. Without innovation (both successful and "failures") it's real hard to move forward...(ie: Lyman Gilmore and Comp-u-serve)...

gotta go, call coming in on the Iridium...