Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ill-Informed on Climate Change? What up, yo?

Why do Americans still resist the consensus among research organizations that humans are warming the globe. Check out this piece in Scientific's a good example for our upcoming unit. Make some notes on belief in science, etc. OR post a comment below.

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Britt Wilson said...

I found it very interesting that this piece brought up the use of the media concerning climate change. The article seems to affirm that the media should no longer be used to spread the word about climate change. It says that blogs and question and answer sessions will take the place of the media when it comes to talking about climate change. I really disagree with that statement. Sure, there is a lot more blogging activity today and sure the media does make it seem as though there is little to no concensus on the climate change issue, but not everyone blogs or listens to question and ansewer sessions. Even though the media does sort of muddy the waters around global climate change, it is still a main stream method to spread the word and raise awarness.