Saturday, February 7, 2009

AP Accuses Shepard Fairey of Copyright Infringement OR Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last?

Redux, redux, read all about it. ..AP continues to be on the wrong side of fair use/copyright (TechCrunch piece here) and insists on absurdly caricaturing itself, again (that's kinda sorta what redux means...hee hee). Read more here.


Alan Cordle said...

It's as though the AP doesn't read its own articles.

Cole said...

I wonder why the Obama campaign is now refusing staff to speak on its behalf...during the election this was a distinguishing feature of the campaign that made it different from the Mccain camp, whose "victory" offices controlled all outputs from volunteers and workers and restricted any comments to be made without permission. Its a little sad that all this is boiling down to is that Obama is being pushed into the recesses of traditional American politics, and the campaign is falling into the same niche of all those before it.

E46 said...

I'm a tad bit biased here, but I think the rendition he created should not be subject to copyright laws. He took an image and created his own rendition of it -- he did not do a straight conversion of the image, and he didn't do it out of malice or for profit. He may benefit from his work through some meager profit and recognition, but I do not think the AP should continue their case against him. The ramifications of a court ruling on this would be widespread and affect far too many people.